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58                     KRISHNA'S DEFEAT OF THE SERPENT K/LIYI,
climbed the tree and took u plunge into the water. Now, this recess was the
haunt of a savage dragon, by name Kaliya? who at one started from the depthf
coiled Mm self round the intruder, and fastened upon him with his poisonous
£angs» The alarm spread, and Nanda, Jasoda and Palaram5 and all the neigh-
bours came ninning, frightened out of their senses3 and found Krishna stall and
motionless, enyeloped in the dragon's coils. The sight was so terrible that all
stood as if spell-bound ; but Krishna with a smile gently shook off the serpent's
folds, and seizing the hooded monster by one of his many heads? pressed
it down upon the margin of the stream and danced upon it, till the poor
wretch was so torn and lacerated that his wives all came from their watery
cells and threw themselves at Krishna's feet and begged for mercy. The
dragon himself in a feeble Toice sued for pardon ; then the beneficent divinity
not only spared Ms life and allowed him to depart with all his family to the
island of Rainanak, but further assured him that he would ever thereafter bear
npon Ills brow the impress of the divine feet, seeing which no enemy would
dare to molest him.*
After this, as the two boys were straying with their herds from wood to
•wood, they came to a large palm-grove (tal-ban), where they began shaking
the trees to bring down the fruit, Sow, in this grove there dwelt a demon,
by name Dheauk, who, hearing the fruit fall, rushed past in the form of an
ass and gave Bahrain a flying kick full on the breast with both his hind legs,
Bat before his legs could again reach the ground, Bakram seized them in his
powerful grasp, and -whirling the demon round Ms head hurled the carcase
on to the top of one of the tallest trees, causing the fruit to drop like rain.
The boys then returned to their station at the Bhlndir fig-tree, and that
very night, while they were in Bhadra-baaf dose by, there came on a
violent storm. The tall dry grass was kindled by the lightning and the
whole Forest was in a blaze. Off scampered the cattle, and the herdsmen toOj
but Krishna called to the cowards to stop and close their eyes for a minute*
* On® of the gMts at Brlndi-ban IB named, in commemoraticm. of this eYentj, K&Ii-niardan,
or Kali-dab, and tie, or rather a? Kadamfo tree is still shown there.
| Bhair&ban occupies a high point on the left bank of the Jamimas some three miles
al»Ye Mat, With the usual fate of Hindi vordss it is transformed in the official map of the
district into the Persian Bahddut»b@m« Between it and Bbjadfetban is a large straggling wood
called mdk-bm. TM% it is said* waa opm ground, till one day, many years ago* some
ifaerSj sad aH tise            to which Ms horses had beea tethered took zoot wad
grew mp»